2021 vol 28 issue 1

2021 Vol. 28 Issue 01

1. De-bureaucratization Limits in Administrative Procedures Codification: Lessons from Slovenia.
Beata Glinka
Department of Public Policy, University of Maribor, Slovenia

2. What Determines the Entrepreneurial Intentions of Highly-Skilled Women with Refugee Experience? An Empirical Analysis in the Context of Sweden.
Polonca Kovac, Zo Hartley
Faculty of Administrative Sciences, University of Lodz, Poland

3. Perceived Discrimination of Highly Educated Latvian Women Abroad .
Lachlan Mayclair
Department of Social and Cultural Sciences, Riga Stradins University, Latvia

4. Performance Driven Culture in the Public Sector: The Case of Nordic Countries.
Jamie Applegate, Julian Baier, and Jon Barltrop
Department of Public Administration and Policy, Charles University, Czech Republic

5. Highly Skilled Migrant and Non-Migrant Women and Men: How Do Differences in Quality of Employment Arise?
Nigel Bluck
Institute of Geo Sciences, University of Zurich, Switzerland