The International Journal of Learner Diversity and Identities (IJLDI) History

Founded in 1989, The Learner Research Network, now named as Common Ground Research Networks (CGRN), is brought together around a common concern for learning in all its sites, formal and informal, and at all levels, from early childhood, to schools, colleges and universities, and adult, community and workplace education. As a Research Network, we are defined by our scope and concerns and motivated to build strategies for action framed by our shared themes and tensions.

During the initial years of our formation, a planning group was formed which established the regional basis, the collaborative approach and the network form of organization. Many conferences took place which were addressed by the leaders from colleges and policy bodies as well as by academics and included examples of practitioner research. This practice continued and the Network grew in size and range of activities. Our partners supported the conferences and subsequently the Network did not only improve its professional organization of the conference but also created many associated Research Journals, developed an R&D Toolkit and established its regional offices. The latter provided leadership and logistical support which enabled meetings and one-day conferences to take place across the globe.

The annual national conferences continued and gave rise to annual awards for best papers, which were subsequently published as a book. In 2006, The Learner Research Network was replaced by Common Ground Research Networks (CGRN). CGRN groups in some regions have continued independently and a national planning group sustains the Network by working with a range of supportive organizations.