Reviewers Responsibility

Responsibilities of Reviewer

  1. Reviewers should agree to review submissions only relevant to their specific fields.
  2. Reviewers should not Access to information about author(s) identity. In case of accessing or receiving such information, evaluation process must be ended.
  3. The evaluation process should be completed in total objectivity and confidentiality.
  4. If reviewers believe that there is a conflict of interest, they should reject to evaluate the manuscript and inform the Editor on the issue.
  5. Reviewers can use the content of the manuscripts they evaluate only after acceptance. They cannot use any information from the manuscripts rejected for publication.
  6. Reviewers should point out relevant published work which is not yet cited.
  7. Evaluation process must be completed objectively on the content of the manuscript. Personal characteristics such as nationality, gender, religion, political views, or commercial conflicts must not interfere with the reviewers’ decisions.
  8. Reviewers should have a constructive and polite attitude towards submitted work. They should avoid degrading or offensive language in communication with authors.
  9. Reviewers should comply with evaluation deadlines and ethical responsibilities.