Editorial Team

Managing Editor

Kortney Sutherland
Eastern Illinois University

Collection Editors

Dr. Cheryl Kusch
Walden University
Dr. Gary Travolta
Perdue University
Dr. Ernesto Val Verde
Prime West Health Systems
Dr. Gene Anderson
Bartin University, Turkey

Editorial Board

Dr. Anne Hagens, New York University
Dr. Bethe Kelsey, Yale University
Dr. Gary Mayberry, Iowa State University
Mr. Sadaqat Ullah Khan, University of Aegean, Chios Island, Greece
Dr. Kena Matarelli, Walden University
Dr. Steven Miller, Walden University
Dr. Lelie Milo, Rollins College
Dr. Lori Nirenberg, Northeastern Ohio Universities School of Medicine
Dr. Mark Chase, Walden University
Dr. Gregory Levasseur, West Liberty University
Dr. Robert White, Walden University
Dr. Jon Spoons, Asian Institute of Technology
Dr. Christina Telesco, Northwestern University
Dr. Grace Toutant, Nova Southeastern University
Dr. Ligia Wilson, Drexel University
Dr. Debra Hanks, Tennessee State University
Dr. Richard Taylor, University of Cambridge, England
Dr. Keith Taber, University of the South Pacific, Fiji
Dr. Jan Thomas, Duke University
Dr. Janet Garret, World Learning Network
Dr. Shana Gibson, Walden University
Dr. Priscilla Hacker, University of Minnesota
Dr. John Ouzts, Columbia University
Mr. Rohail Khan, E-Tech Accountancy & Finance, London, UK
Dr. Karen Rasmussen, Georgetown University
Dr. Sandra Ripol, Cambridge College
Dr. Pat Shaw, Walden University

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